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Joy Moore is an author, poet and developmental/line editor for picture books. This is how her story began.

At the age of two Joy Moore received her first picture book.

She didn't like it.

Her parents surmised otherwise. Probably because she was always holding it and dragging it and playing with it until it fell apart. Her parents probably believed she loved that book. They probably thought she loved it so much that she wore it out. They didn’t know that each time Joy Moore opened that book she was looking and hoping to find something that was not there.

At age eight Joy Moore decided she wanted to be a writer. In keeping with that pursuit she wrote story after story after story. She also asked her family to read story after story after story. They got tired and asked her to stop.

At age 12 Joy Moore was published in her junior high school news letter. 

Her parents wanting the best, thought that she was a normal child and should experience all things normal. What they did not know or understand was that Joy Moore was very different.

Joy Moore was not exceptionally smart. She was not particularly pretty. To all outside observers she appeared to be average. But she was oddly observant. This enabled her to see things others missed. Joy Moore tried to hide this unusual skill all her life.

In her quest to become like other people Joy Moore played sports, attended college, got married and started a business. She payed bills and took care of others. Her specific ability was a burden. Until the day she decided to take up writing. Again. 

From that moment on she found she had a reservoir, of experiences, words, feelings, faces, memories and moments.

Joy Moore is still trying to live an average life. But on those days when she feels friendless and invisible, when life is achy, dark and difficult, she goes to her reservoir and finds riches.

Joy Moore is now a business owner, author, poet, and editor. 

To learn more about her developmental and line editing work pop on over to the critiques page.

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