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Colors of my mind

Behind my lashes

and out of sight.

I dream in flashes

aglow with light.

I dream in splashes

ablaze and bright.

Despite the ashe's

black of night.

Autumn's Song

Autumn greets with gentle teases.

Waning sunlight, nippy breezes.

Frosty carpet, twinkly grass,

sparkling with a diamond’s sass.

Branches rustle, dancing leaves.

Burdened, heaving, jam-packed, eaves.

Apple cider, pumpkin spice,

cocoa drinks, don't think twice.

Blushing colors, flaming red.

Frosty weather’s just ahead.


Dear old clock upon the wall,

could I please hit rewind?

To change mistakes both large and small.

If only you’d be kind.

The past, it’s gone, has flown away.

Will it return to me?

In truth it did not pause or stay.

It flew on out to sea.

If I could snatch you back again.

Rewrite, redo, rethink.

The things I said that caused such pain.

If I could just re-ink.

I want to fix, redeem, indeed,

but steps now gone are weighed.

The time has flown at smashing speed.

But leaves behind it’s shade.

Spring Time Prayer

With spring time drip,

come feelings that dip.

Let the sun shoot through,

the cloudy day stew.

Turn all that is heavy

to bright.

As the days grow longer,

our hearts grow stronger.

Let beams etch a path.

Let it give us a bath.

Turn all that is sullen

to light.

Watch the earth arise,

with a beautiful prize.

Let daffodils prance.

Let puffy clouds dance.

Change all that is dark

to light